SWINGA Cricket


Justin Langer

Former Australian men’s cricket coach, Former Australian test player.

"This is incredible because you learn how to play the swinging ball. And from a coaches point of view - it is so much more fun. Because if you're throwing with the wanger or on the bowling machine and the ball isn’t doing anything, then we're not testing our players enough... So to be able to get this ball to swing naturally or reverse swing, it’s unbelievable. Honestly I was blown away, I’m pumped as a coach, as a past player, this is a great tool and I’d recommend it to anyone."

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Joe Burns

Australian test cricketer, Brisbane Heat.

"It’s like genuinely like facing a brand new Kookaburra, just wobbles around."

Adam Hollioke

Former Surrey & England captain, Queensland Bulls batting coach.

"They are ****ing perfect they swing and they are fast. Great product Swinga Cricket, well done ... fantastic invention. Couldn’t be more happy with it."

Megan Banting

Western Australian Women's Team, Perth Scorchers.

"Incredible training tool. So much better than a normal cricket ball that hasn’t been shined. Can’t speak highly enough of these. Teaches you to really watch the ball and pick up the swing in the air"

Nicole Bolton

Western Australian Women's Team, Perth Scorchers.

"What I found is the Swinga™ Technique ball makes you switch on every delivery.  Facing a couple of outies and then a big in ducker as a batter you are being challenged every ball. You don’t want to go into a training session and under prepare. I think being indoors it is always a bit easier when you have bowlers running in or facing the wanger as there are not too many variables. When you bring in a ball like this you are having to switch on, it is moving both ways and it’s really making you think as a batter."

Cam Green

Australian test cricketer, West Australian cricketer, Perth Scorchers.

"Sometimes in the nets you get into a bit of a rhythm when the ball isn’t moving. With this it keeps you on your toes, I had a lot of fun and think everyone is going to have a lot of fun with it."

Jason Berendorff

Chennai Super Kings, Australian cricketer, West Australian cricketer, Perth Scorchers.

"The big thing for me is it’s always a challenge. It keeps you honest and you have to pay attention the whole time. It makes you watch the ball so closely. That’s your paramount to start with, then that allows you to make good decisions. It’s constantly challenging and such a great training tool.

Mate without blowing wind up your ass, that was excellent."

Nathan Coulter-Nile

Australia ODI & T20, Melbourne Stars.

"I'm enjoying the SWINGA™ Technique Ball because it's so much more fun when the ball is doing something, for bowler and batter, a little bit more challenging. The ball reacts the same and it's great fun."

Clint Herron

Former first class cricketer for WA, Over 200 A-Grade games for Scarborough CC with ~9000 runs.

"I’ve been using the SWINGA™ Technique Ball for almost a year now. What a game changer!

Leading up to the SWINGA™ Technique Ball release, I was using a new leather Kookaburra or Focus cricket ball every week to ensure I could test players with moving / bouncy balls. The SWINGA™ Technique Ball has meant I can use one ball with the same results; achieving good shape both ways, at decent pace, with bounce! It ticks all the boxes!

It allows me to work with batsman and develop not only their technique, but possibly even more important, their plans and mindset.

The SWINGA™ Technique Ball is easier to throw at good pace with less effort, which makes it easier to consistently test batters, and probably prolong coaching careers. Given I do all my coaching from an indoor facility, I can literally use one ball for the entire year!! So as a coaching aid, this represents incredible value..... until my shoulder goes, or those that know me well - my knees! But trust me, my body will pack it in before the SWINGA™ Technique Ball!

I couldn’t recommend the SWINGA™ Technique Ball ball more highly - not only is it an amazing product, but the man behind it is a fantastic person and cricket brain!

Stoked to see the SWINGA™ Technique Ball as a staple in more and more kit bags."

Colin Smith

AKA Katchet man, former Scotland & Aberdeenshire wicketkeeper.

"The simplest and greatest evolution in batter training since the Bowling Machine.
The SWINGA™ Technique Ball is changing the way batters train and prepare.
If you are ambitious, want to improve, challenge yourself and have fun along the way then SWINGA™ Technique Ball is the answer.
The SWINGA™ Technique Ball  was designed for batters and it undoubtedly ticks all their boxes, it’s a game changer. But when I saw and used it I saw benefits beyond its original scope. 
In the Northern Hemisphere rain is a constant threat. This routinely affects practice at all levels. If there is any moisture on the grass or all weather the leather ball is affected, it becomes soft, slippery and we cannot practice fully, any practice that is done ruins the leather balls for future.
This impacts bowlers and batters but particularly bowlers who require a dry ball to practice their skills. The SWINGA™ Technique Ball  will enable this. Whereas leather balls hate the wet the SWINGA™ Technique Ball is unaffected. It can be easily dried and will SWING AND SEAM of the wicket as if BRAND NEW leather ball.
In terms of size and feel in the hand it is a cricket ball. If you placed a string seam on it a bowler would know little difference. With a 156g SWINGA™ Technique Ball now available it is now more than ever a great training option for bowlers. 
The lack of a string seam, as opposed to the PU of the SWINGA™ Technique Ball , is a downside for bowlers, it’s obviously not exactly the same. 
However, In the words of Justin Langer ‘there is a lot of upside’ !"

Daryl Mitchell

New Zealand Test, ODI & T20I player, Rajasthan Royals.

"They are awesome. Used them in training last few days. Some of the lads want some now haha.They are perfect to practice with for 4 day cricket. Especially here in NZ where it does a bit."

Dean Brownlie 

Former New Zealand Test, ODI & T20I player.

"I love the product as is. I think it’s a great training tool. In the same way batsmen need to be competent against spin Aussies have to be competent against swing in Nz and England.
Extra bounce on the hard stuff also forces them to play late. You can’t just play on the up.
The lighter ball allows kids not to fear getting in line so those coaches love it also."