SWINGA Cricket


"This is incredible because you learn how to play the swinging ball. From a coaches point of view It is so much more fun. If you throwing with the wanger or on the bowling machine if the ball isn’t doing anything we are not testing our players enough. To get this ball to swing naturally or reverse swing it’s just incredible.

Honestly I was blown away, I’m pumped as a coach, as a past player, this is a great tool and I’d recommend it to anyone."

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Justin Langer
Current Australian men’s cricket coach, Former Australian test player


"It’s like genuinely facing a brand new Kookaburra, just wobbles around"

Joe Burns
Australian test cricketer, Brisbane heat, Queensland domestic cricket


"They are ****ing perfect they swing, they are fast

In the modern day with the work loads of the bowlers they are not allowed to bowl to much, so for batsmen to get volume they must use the sidearm and the bowling machine. So what this does (the swinga) it allows me to get volume into the batsmen against the swinging ball without constantly shining it.

It’s just a fantastic product. For coaches out there if your not using it you are missing out. If you are a batsmen and you want to improve against the swinging ball, which is a large part of the game then I really think you are missing out if you are not using this.

Great product Swinga Cricket, well done Allen Lilly (AKA Aaron Lilly) Fantastic invention. Couldn’t be more happy with it."

Adam Hollioke
Ex Surrey and England captain, Queensland bulls batting coach


"Incredible training tool. So much better than a normal cricket ball that hasn’t been shined. Can’t speak highly enough of these.

Teaches you to really watch the ball and pick up the swing in the air"

Megan Banting
West Australian women’s cricket team, Perth Scorchers


What I found is the Swinga Technique ball makes you switch on every delivery.  Facing a couple of outies and then a big in ducker as a batter you are being challenged every ball. You don’t want to go into a training session and under prepare. I think being indoors it is always a bit easier when you have bowlers running in or facing the wanger as there are not too many variables. When you bring in a ball like this you are having to switch on, it is moving both ways and it’s really making you think as a batter. 

Nicole Bolton
Western Australian Women's Team, Perth Scorchers Women


Sometimes in the nets you get into a bit of a rhythm when the ball isn’t moving. With this it keeps you on your toes, I had a lot of fun and think everyone is going to have a lot of fun with it.

Cam Green (Big Tree)
Australian test cricketer, west Australian cricketer, Perth scorchers


The big thing for me is it’s always a challenge. It keeps you honest and you have to pay attention the whole time. It makes you watch the ball so closely. That’s your paramount to start with, then that allows you to make good decisions. It’s constantly challenging and such a great training tool.

Mate without blowing wind up your ass, that was excellent.

Jason Berendorff
Chennai Super Kings, Australian cricketer, West Australian cricketer, Perth Scorchers


I'm enjoying the SWINGA Technique Ball because it's so much more fun when the ball is doing something, for bowler and batter, a little bit more challenging. The ball reacts the same and it's great fun.

Nathan Coulter-Nile
Melbourne Stars, Australian ODI & T20 Teams