SWINGA Cricket

What is the SWINGA™?

The SWINGA™ Technique Ball is a brand new training cricket ball with a unique half-dimple half-smooth design that allows it to swing through the air just like a brand-new leather ball.

The size and weight of the SWINGA matches a mens' senior cricket ball, it bounces in a very similar fashion off the pitch and feels the same coming off the bat. We also have lighter options suitable for junior players and even for a bit of backyard cricket!


The SWINGA™ is for all

The SWINGA™ Technique Ball is suitable for players and coaches of all levels. It can be used by professionals as well as junior players and coaches, and is a powerful coaching tool for batsmen, wicketkeepers, and bowlers. Kids will also get a kick out of the brand-new, super lightweight SWINGA Backyard.

There are over 30,000 SWINGA™ Technique Balls in use all over the world. Click the button below to check out some testimonials from some international players and coaches.


How to SWINGA™

The SWINGA Technique Ball is an incredibly versatile training tool and will continue to swing after significant use in harsh conditions or even in the wet (unlike a standard leather ball).

You can use the ball for throwdowns, either by hand or using a sidearm or wanger ball thrower. You can also bowl with it (both swing and spin) just like a regular ball due to its very similar size, weight and bounce. It can even be used in a bowling machine!


Justin Langer Endorses the SWINGA™

Former Australian Mens Cricket Coach Justin Langer waxes lyrical about the SWINGA™ Technique Ball!

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